She is floating

Little boat lost at sea, godness you, godness me.

The harbour has her cast away, no more games, here ends the play.

The sea is vast from south to north, no easy way to cut travel short.

The waves are huge, the wind is ripping. The boat fights hard to keep from tripping.

Come storm, come hail, come blazing thunder. Look out! The poor boat is going under.

Upside down she is now turned, wonder if she any lessions learned?

But look, there is another universe below, so this is not how the story goes.

Small she is, but stubborn and strong, not staying under for very long.

Surfing up on the seventh wave, onwards, upwards to find the sheltered cave

The surf  is up, and so’s the boat, badly battered but still afloat.

She can see some calmer water ahead, aiming for the shores before she is dead.

av Marie S Postat i Word Taggad


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